All of our ferments are lactic acid fermented, meaning they are made traditionally without vinegars and preservatives. It is the natural bacteria present on the vegetable that ultimately preserves it. Because they are unpasteurized and made from local organic produce, they are healthful and delicious.

Each jar of ferment is alive! Keep ferments refrigerated for many months after purchase. Don’t be surprised if they are fizzy and bubbly (that’s a good thing).


Our regular ferments include: kraut-chi, pickled turnips, carrot daikon kraut, hot sauces, traditional sauerkraut, traditional pickles and fermented tomatillo salsa. Seasonally we have many others including radish pickles, wild leek ferments, tomato paste and pickled garlic.

Ferments are great additions to a dish or can be used as a condiment. They are best eaten raw to get the full probiotic benefits. They can also be cooked into food for great flavour.