Tiny Farm, Delicious Food, Big Impact!

Producing on a small acreage, Wild Oak Homestead grows nutritious and tasty salad greens, assorted vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and teas. Always feeding the soil more than taking, and carefully selecting seeds are some of the fine details that go into the farm plan. Many of the farm’s vegetables go into making bubbly living ferments that are good for your taste buds and your gut health. With mountains of passion, Wild Oak Homestead works towards producing high quality delicious food for friends, family and community.

About the Farmers

Sarah is a first generation farmer that has learned through hands-on experimentation, working with nature, and absorbing information from books, internships, courses and other organic growers. Sarah’s background is in visual arts, education and community work. She has a passion for getting her hands dirty growing vegetables and loves the nuances of cultivating mushrooms. Sarah has been drawn towards farming because she values an honest, rewarding and self-sufficient lifestyle that feeds her community.

Sarah’s partner Michael, supports her in her farm adventure. Michael’s background is in sustainable design, focused on the integration of homes and ecological landscapes. Check out his work at resilientworks.ca. His passion for this work has led to a deep interest in helping Sarah design a sustainable farm.

When Michael and Sarah aren’t working they enjoy the outdoors and being amongst nature. They can be found canoeing, camping on rocky islands, and hiking mountain trails on their days off.

Almonte, Ontario

Wild Oak Homestead was named after the beautiful red and white oaks found in the forest beside the off-grid home built by Sarah and Micihael. The couple knew they had found something special when they stumbled over this beautiful piece of land only minutes away from the cozy and artistic town of Almonte. Although the hard clay soils and short growing season would deter some, their roots down in the community told them another story.